The Future of Retail Organisation

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The only way to predict the future is to take part in creating it. As thousands of new innovations emerge globally, The Future of Retail Organisation attempts to observe, measure, and forecast their impact on retail. At the forefront of innovation, we help our partners move forward, remain strategically competitive and control operational risks.

Traditional retail

The Future of Retail Organisation forecasts the impact of innovations on in- store, systems, processes, logistics, O2O (Online-to-Offline) systems, etc. Brands and suppliers, stores and department stores - all are facing changes resulting from both steadily increasing efficiency and radical improvements. Staying informed helps retailers remain competitive and - in some cases - remain in business.

Online and Emerging Retail Models

Making up 10-20% by volume of total retail, e-commerce is by some still regarded as an emerging retail model. The Future of Retail Organisation, however, views e-commerce as part of traditional retail. Technologically, AI, Virtual Reality, Haptics, etc. are heralds of a new era, akin to the industrial revolution over 200 years ago. Evolving business models, such as subscription services, rent-to-buy, etc. are changing the way consumers spend. Meanwhile, process innovations, such as 1-hour logistics, clicks-to-bricks and on-demand manufacturing, require retailers to stay abreast with the innovation cycle in terms of agility and speed. The Future of Retail Organisation aims to help retailers streamline their organisational structure, systems, and processes to do just that.



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